We attach great importance to the protection of personal data. Personal data is all information, which serves to determine your person and which can be traced back to you. This includes, for example, your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, personal photos, user behavior or the IP address of your network connection.

With this data protection statement, we would like to inform you which specific data the websites collect, process, and, if necessary, disclose from you as a visitor and which measures we take to ensure the security of this data.

Which addresses does this data protection statement refer to?
This declaration refers in particular to our website https://lights.science including all subdomains.

What is the legal basis for processing personal data?
Personal data is always processed in accordance with the Information and Data Protection Act of the Canton of Basel-Stadt (IDG) and, if applicable, the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DSG). In addition, we observe the European Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO), which may be applicable, and specifies the relevant legal basis for this case in accordance with Art. 13 para. 1 lit. c DSGVO.

Which access data is processed and for what purpose?
We may collect your IP address, a number assigned to your device whenever you access the Internet, and the time of access to conduct system administration and website performance reviews on our behalf. We use this information internally to ensure the security and reliability of our services and network infrastructure. This information is retained for a period of six months.

We use the content distribution network Cloudflare which has its own privacy policy.

Are cookies used?
LIGHTS uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are transferred from a server to your browser or stored in your browser. We use cookies to store, in the local storage of your browser, your settings of the LIGHTS search engine and to allow you to save which documents you marked as favorite. You can see which cookies have been set via your browser settings and delete them if necessary.

Which personal data is processed and for what purpose?
We do not collect personal data. We use the content distribution network Cloudflare which has its own privacy policy.

Is the website of the Department of Clinical Research encrypted?
All websites of the Department of Clinical Research are offered via secure https connections. Appropriate certificates ensure that the websites are actually operated by us. In addition, data traffic between your browser and our server is encrypted in such a way that third parties cannot view the transmission. All browsers offer the option of checking, whether a secure https connection has been established. The corresponding certificates can also be viewed.

Who is liable for links to websites of other providers?
This data protection statement only applies to the websites https:/lights.science

Modification of the data protection statement
We reserve the right to amend this data protection statement at any. The status of this data protection statement is April 6, 2022